Sunday Summary – Music: May 18, 2008

Murphy’s Law or “The Enemy” – either way, this was one for the books…

It’s already a long, long weekend when we do Married Life Live (Friday rehearsal, Saturday rehearsal and show, Sunday AM – 6:45 call, and Sunday night MLL).

So, needless to say, I was already a little numb.

So here’s a glimpse…

– 5 minutes after call time, I called and woke up one of our guitarists. He lives 30 minutes away…

– We decided to shorten the intro of a song, but I forgot to tell one of the Worship Leaders (that one’s my fault)…

– After run-through, we had to call the West band back out from the Green Room to do the closer (again) so we could keep tweaking the mix…

– And the big kicker… Half way through the closer the power supply for the West lighting console died. Yep – that means the Auditorium went pitch-black. All that was left was audio and the words on the screen. Everything else was black. Pitch, pitch black.

Good thing we had the closer memorized!

So about a minute later, once they figured out what happened, Luke sprinted to the back of the room and flipped on the big florescent overhead work lights. It was certainly the right thing to do, but was a total buzz kill. At least for those of us on stage…

There they were: 2500 people – faces staring at us like were animals at the zoo. As though they all came to a Wednesday night rehearsal (to judge us!!).

But Julie Arnold (our Service Programming Director – and boss!) said that the experience ended up being quite the opposite – that it created a revealing. A transparent and authentic experience. People knew something had gone wrong, but that through the recovery that a greater intimacy had been created between the people in the audience and the band on stage.

Anna Houston did the song, and she and the band didn’t miss a beat. Obviously that helped make that experience all the more powerful.

Speaking of the closer, our good buddy and resident “most-incredible-male-vocalist-of-the-year” Ryan Stuart did the closer in the East. Yep, he’s the man.


Mike Gleason lead in East and Chrystina Fincher lead in West. Obviously they did a great job – and kudos to Mike for adapting song forms at the last minute!

All Because Of Jesus

Marvelous Light

From The Inside Out

** We’ve found a great 4:30 version of that song – which is important, especially if we want to keep doing it in 3 song sets (as opposed to the 6:15 Hillsong album version…)


East BandMike Gleason, Danny Howes, Danny Grady, Joe Lee, Richard Meeder, Mike Bielenberg, Ryan Stuart

West BandChrystina Fincher, Todd Fields, Steve Thomason, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Me, with Anna Houston on the closer.

What lead YOU to worship this past week?


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