Hookin’ Up a Keyboard

Cristopher asked:

hey bro..can you teach me something.it’s about my keyboard and mac.How to connect my keyboard and laptop?please please i really need it.specially in church.”

Well, there are two easy ways, depending on the connections on your keyboard, both ultimately connecting to your computer through one of its USB ports. (Check out THIS article on USB).

#1: USB ONLY – Many newer keyboards and controllers are equipped with standard USB ports. One end goes into your computer’s USB port, and the other goes into your keyboard or controller’s USB port.

You’ll probably have to select the controlling keyboard via the Preferences of your computer software.

#2: MIDI to USB – If your keyboard does not have a USB connector (which is common, especially if it’s more than a couple years old), you can connect via its MIDI ports (In and Out).

Simple, inexpensive products like THIS do everything you need to make that happen.

Very simple. Very easy. And if you run into trouble, check you keyboard and software users manuals – most of which are available online if you’ve lost them (as most of us have!).

There are also lots of message boards and users forums that cover a ton of these type of topics in more detail…


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