Sunday Summary – Music: May 25, 2008

Wow – what a great weekend!

And we had church, too…

Yes, the long Memorial Day weekend saw my family in Jennie’s parents’ neighborhood pool. And yes, the first swim of the season is cold, even in Atlanta!

That said, today we’re playing “catch-up” with work, so this’ll be brief.


We finished up Andy’s 5-part series called “Faith, Hope and Luck” this week. This particular series was done at Buckhead Church (one of our campuses) first, and we took their lead. This is rare, but a welcome reprieve every once in a while.

A couple weeks ago they did a song called “Hope” by Twista and Faith Evans. We liked the idea of the song, but they had Kenny Yasuda re-write the lyrics of the rap (the main body of the song) to be more appropriate to the sermon series.

It was great there, and was great here too. My initial reaction was that the rap was hard to follow, especially for 4 minutes, but the Buckhead media guys made a great graphics video that selected key words and phrases of the rap, and laid it over top the camera shots. It gave the listener some lyric anchors which helped the listener journey through the song. Cool.

Not the type of song we’d do a lot, but effective when done strategically and performed well by the right people.

We also had Joni Portee, Monique Anderson and Chantae Cann on BGV’s (who were wonderful), and that helped sell the song as a legitimate Hip Hop / Rap tune.



The version from Fee’s “We Shine” album is faster than the one on our Louder Than Creation. And we all like the faster version better!

Lift High

Great song, man. Great song.


Never Failed Me

This is one of Eddie’s tunes off his album. The bridge is my favorite part, and James David Carter and Ashley Appling‘s harmonies did the song justice.


East Band – James David Carter, Ashley Appling, Wayne Viar, Earl South, Chris Arias, Danny Grady, Brad Long, Kenny Yasuda, Joni Portee, Monique Anderson and Chantae Cann

West Band – Todd Fields, Matt Adkins, Heath Baltzglier, Brandon Coker, Jared Hamilton


X3 Live count – 3 out of 4 electrics


How many Brats and Ribs did YOU enjoy this holiday weekend?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: May 25, 2008

  1. Yes, the words on the screen for “Hope” made a huge difference — i saw rehearsal which can be a spoiler, yet the Sunday performance was a powerful, emotional experience — the text on the screen turned something that would have been “cool” to the listener into something that was very meaningful.

  2. You just have to mention the X3 count.

    At any rate, I actually really enjoyed the “Hope” performance. Very well done. I usually hate remakes, but that one was great…the BGVs were flawless…

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