So here’s the short story (yes, WHILE we’re still trying to sell our house!!!)…

One of the (only) benefits of our neighborhood is that lawn and landscaping maintenance is included in the Homeowners Association dues.

The downside is that within weeks of this new neighborhood’s existence, the plastic caps to most of the neighborhood’s 6″ sewer collector clean-outs were chopped of by the landscaper’s giant lawnmowers.

Basically what we’ve since found out is that the houses are grouped in sets of 5. Each house has a standard 3″ sewer pipe that then join a larger 6″ pipe (fortunately on an easement) before going into the main sewer.

However, for 4 years the clean-out pipe between my neighbor and I has been open, subject to what nature, the landscapers, the neighbors and their kids have put down there: lawn clippings, twigs, branches, toys, popsicle sticks, wrappers, beer cans, pork rinds, catalytic converters, cinder blocks, floppy drives, jean shorts, peanut butter, sicilian pizza, 6×9 speakers, gamma rays, clock radios, 15 SPF sunscreen, propane, spite, radial tires, laundry sheets, corn dogs, ball bearings, chimichangas, communism, potpourri, depleted uranium, and a dash of apathy.

Needless to say, this created a dam. My immediate neighbor is the final house in his group of 5, and last November it backed up all the regular sewage into his house. 4 inches of it in his main floor living space. Nightmare.

2 nights ago, he heard the bubbling in his downstairs toilet and was able to run outside and release his 3″ clean-out. So the sewage ran over his yard. But at least it wasn’t in his house again.

This time – as you can see by the pictures – it was time to get some more people involved: HOA, Sewer Company, Builders, EPA, etc…

We, fortunately, are the first house in our group, and have gravity on our side. Meaning we’d be the last to be effected in our group. The sliver lining is that now the HOA and our private sewer company are aware of the possible effects of the exposed clean-outs around the neighborhood, and can take some precautions.

They inspected the one across the street and said it’s almost totally blocked – including one of the neighborhood kid’s baseball bat!

Bottom line: They put those caps on for a reason!

Yeah – this will speed up the sale of our house…. :-0

IMG_2358.JPG IMG_2359.JPG IMG_2360.JPG IMG_2361.JPG

No, that’s not snow. That’s Charmin…

IMG_2362.JPG IMG_2363.JPG


4 thoughts on “Crap-tastic…

  1. I can almost top this on Reed, we installed a pipe to catch and use ‘grey water’ from the showers and sinks in two bathrooms, to water the lawn–being good citizens that we are. One day I went out the back door and not only saw some Charmin ‘snow’ on the ground beneath the hanging pipe, but there was poop!!!! Needless to say the pipe was promptly closed off and we now are just wasting excess water like everyone else!!!

  2. Ewww….Sounds a little like a sewer issue we had when I opened a MARS Music in Duluth about 10 years ago. New bathroom plumbing lines were not tied into the existing lines. they were just capped at the end. After 2 months of the opening team using the new bathrooms while getting the store ready for opening, you can imagine that there was a pretty bad traffic jam happening in the lines under the store. It all came to a head the morning of grand opening. With 200 people lined up out front, someone noticed that the toilets were backing up. A plumber was called and his assessment was that there was a blockage in the pipe. He opens the access pipe (which is in our break room. Really poor design) and tries to run a snake. The snake does no good so he follows the Tim the Tool Man approach and gets the water canon out. Well, what happens next can only be described in one way.

    I never knew a drop ceiling could absorb so much poop.

    All night we had to answer every customer’s questions about why the Keys Department and the Learning Center smelled so bad, and why there were no restrooms.

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