Sunday Summary – Music: June 1, 2008

Murphy’s Law.

Or God laughing.

One of the two…

3 days after laying out in elaborate detail why we rehearse so much, preparation and excellence, we laid some giant eggs today.

Now every guy/gal has a little slip up here and there, but today seemed to have more than usual, by more than the usual number of folks. Myself included.

For example, I forgot to route the verbal count-off for the 3rd song to the proper channel. Lots of folks heard it in rehearsal, and assumed I would fix it. I, however, was on stage playing, and so I expected to hear it, so I didn’t know anything was wrong.

Until the 1st service when the monitor engineer had the audience mics up and I could hear my recorded voice coming through the main speakers saying a giant “1, 2, 3, 4” for 3,000 people to hear…


Crap crap.

Crap, crap, crap.

So that was, by far the biggest glaring mistake.

The rest came from the curse of muscle memory:

Toddy came in this morning with a weary voice, and asked to do 2 of the songs down a half-step. We obliged, and paid the price…

I’m not blaming Todd, but there’s a curse to take songs you’ve played a bunch of times in one key, and then to do it down a half-step. Open strings are no longer open, finger positions don’t work, voicings change, and the riffs you can play in your sleep all become digit spaghetti.

Most of us had mistakes (we call them “clams”), and I found myself fighting the music, then my mix, then being peeved at the dude in the front row with his arms crossed who just stared at us like we were zoo animals, like he’d rather watch paint dry.

Now I am sorry for letting Zoo-Boy get the better of me, but I guess this was one of those days you just pray that God looks at and honors your heart’s intention, and not your musical output, or attitude towards some ignorant yahoo.





Other than the actual music, the worship aspect was actually good!

We had the once-in-a-blue-moon service: One with extra time! No opener or closer, no baptism, and Clay Scroggins was speaking, who usually runs about 5-10 minutes shorter than Andy.

That meant that we had a little longer time for worship, and opted to add some tags to the end of the 3rd song, and more freedom for the worship leaders to share and pray. In all, it was a rare (and WONDERFUL) 17 minutes.

(By the way – we use a countdown clock on the cue/lyrics monitor for the Worship Leaders to see. That’s how we end the East and West Auditorium worship sets at the same time. So a “17 minute clock” means the timer starts at 17:00 and counts down to 0:00. That’s when the WL’s need to be finished with their singing, talking, praying, and verbal transition to the offering.)

Ok, ok – songs…

God Is Alive Eddie Kirkland and Steve Fee

This is still new and not yet available. Sorry!

Glorious One Steve Fee

Now considered an “oldie but goodie”

Breathe On Me Todd Fields , Nathan Nockles, Christie Nockles

Man, this song moves me, even if the Zoo-Boy still has his arms crossed…

After this, the WL on each side tagged the bridge to Glorious One with just vocal and guitar, and then into a couple out-choruses of Breathe On Me, adding some light, warm pads.

Very cool, free, open and worshipful. Very nice. I’d take those 2-3 tender minutes over another bashing song any day.

That’s it – time for a little more tenderness, I’m getting tired of epic ballads for today.

Geesh! I’m in a mood! Must be time to pull up the Light Classical channel on the ol’ Dish Network…

But first, some candid photos taken on East while Jon Williams (doing the welcome) was fed from West…

IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0319.JPG IMG_0321.JPG


East Band:

Todd Fields, Earl South, Joe Thibodeau, Jordan Watts, Matt Melton, Me


West Band:

Mike Gleason, Pat Malone, David Norwood, Danny Grady, Mike Bielenberg, Dee Dee Mailian, and Mr. Motionhouse himself, Brad Bretz

What moved YOU to worship this week?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: June 1, 2008

  1. It just sounds like one of those Sundays. I have always noticed the chain reaction. Things can be great in rehearsal with us and then one minor thing happens during our worship service and it’s all down hill. Last week it was something as simple as the congregation not responding as well to a new song as we anticipated (Sing, Sing, Sing), and then in the next song the string broke on our worship leader’s guitar, which always just sucks. We were not able to get any real energy back until the final song of the set (Jesus Paid It All), and by then, most of us on stage were just ready for it to be over.

    It’s like we are humbled by God. He shows us how bad we can screw everything up when our heads start to get too big and then when we all see it and really turn to Him to lead us, everything falls into place.

  2. HELP HELp,, just want to know any information about your playing in keyboar…What keyboard did you use @northpoin, and How do you do Live performance on mac and your Keyboard?how to do that?thanks..Im cris from Quest community fellowship here in the philippines and im a keyboard player…

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