Guitar Magazines

Saturday – 10:00 AM…

So I’m (finally) getting my car’s Radio/AC controls fixed. It’s a long story, but the dealer wanted $1000 to fix the circuit board that controls the two units, so I held off.

BUT – I just found a mom and pop electronics repair shop that will fix the circuit board AND the broken CD player for less than half that price. And in Atlanta, the ability to adjust your AC in the summer is, shall we say, one of life’s necessities. I went 4 years without AC in my old car, and I’m not ready to that again. Ever.

So that finds me sitting in a Barnes and Noble bookstore 40 miles from my house, on the other side of the city, while I wait for my car to be fixed. 5 hours from now…

BUT this place has NO power outlets! Customers can basically stay here either read books or use their computer (like me) until the precious battery cacks.

So, knowing that, I just spent a long hour going through different “music production industry” magazines. Stuff like Electronic Musician, MusicTech, Virtual Instrument Magazine. You know – riveting reading. Well, at least for me…

And I’m actually going to buy some of these. (And expense it, of course…)

My ultimate goal, after inhaling these myself, is to put an assortment of music instrument magazines in our Green Room for the guys to browse through when they’re hanging out in there. We average about 5-6 hours a week of pure “hang” time over the course of Wednesday rehearsals and Sunday mornings, and music gear, technology and gear is often a popular subject.

My problem is, in my initial assessment, that there are no guitar-based magazines that are actually suitable to be laying around the Green Room! Most of the front covers and subsequent content advertise the death-metal slasher group of the month, complete with articles, advertisements and features that would make C.F. Martin role in his grave!!

So here’s my question for you, my beloved musicians:

What are some guitar/gear magazines SUITABLE for sitting on a table in a church?

Tough question, isn’t it?

I did find one called The Fretboard Journal, filled with great pictures of vintage guitars and luthier techniques. And bald dudes with grey goatees.

They probably wear Birkenstocks. (I’m just saying…!)

Anyhoo – let me know YOUR suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Guitar Magazines

  1. Premier Guitar Magazine
    -isn’t this the one that had NP in it?
    Acoustic Guitar
    Vintage Guitar

    All of them probably have adds that might push the limits.

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