Keyboard Basics – Videos

WARNING: These are 4 of the most boring videos ever!

These are not for the mere mortals – they are for keyboard players

I put together a few short videos discussing navigation sounds for live performance, as well as an overview of B3 organ basics and how to effectively use it in modern rock and worship.

They’re pretty elementary, but at least the B3 stuff is info that I would have liked to have known when I was starting out.

Let me know what you think…

Synth Rig

Hammond B3 – Basics

Roland X8 – Storing Favorites for Live Performance

Korg Triton – Navigation Sounds for Live Performance

See! I told you they were boring…


6 thoughts on “Keyboard Basics – Videos

  1. Brilliant Reid! Great stuff! (I actually only looked at the B3 one…) There is a reason why you are doing what you’re doing… and I got admit – God got it right putting you in that position!!! You’re a great communicator, and obviously very knowledgable! (is that truth or bull about the spindles and the ladies’ dresses?) Thanks for that! I’m super glad I found this page of yours!

  2. Oh, and I also wanted to mention… I saw one crazy way to switch a leslie on and off… First Assembly in Calgary has a modified B3 that has this little box underneath the keyboard, and it has a pressure plate that you press your knee to the right against it, and it turns the leslie up to the fast speed. Then when you release the plate, the leslie slows down. So it totally frees up your feet for the pedals, and your fingers for the keys…. pretty smart! I’ve never seen it anywhere else!

  3. Thanks for putting this up Reid. I wondered how you guys coordinate banks on the Fantom X8 with multiple Keyboard players. Do you assign banks to different keyboardist? Or do you just take whichever one is open? What’s a good way to organize this so that different keyboard players are not overwriting each others favorites? We have at least 3 or 4 keyboard players that will play at our Video Venue depending on the week that their band is playing. Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

  4. David – we haven’t “assigned” favorites banks to individual players, but that’s a great idea!!

    We might just put that into effect…

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