Sunday Summary – Music: June 8, 2008


This was no ordinary Sunday. This was a marathon. And it started last Wednesday night.

Yesterday was the first of a three week pilot series for North Point en Espanol – a Spanish language service at North Point.

Here’s the short version:

We normally have 3 services in the East Auditorium (9:00, 11:00, 12:45), but only 2 services in the West. So the idea, at least for this pilot series, is for a traditional North Point style service to take place in the West Auditorium at 12:45 (the 3rd service time).

So how does that happen?

It started months ago with choosing an older series that Andy preached about a year ago and had it professionally overdubbed in L.A. And not some hack interpreter, but someone literally “acting” the voice of Andy – inflections, pauses, idiosyncrasies. Just imagine Andy speaking Spanish, plus a little extra “machismo”…

It also started with a grassroots base of Latinos and Spanish speaking folks within the church to partner with Host Team to be greeters, information tables, etc.

As for the music, we did the same worship songs as the first two English services – but in Spanish! How’s that for a brain twist!

Casey Darnell led the English, and newbie Duane Nisley led the Spanish, while Rosie Iraheta sang BGV for BOTH languages! Rehearsals were almost comical, as the band just played the same worship tunes over and over as we rehearsed both languages.

Throw in a closer for the English services AND a different closer for the Spanish, and you’ve got one crazy week on your hands.

In all, everyone was a real trooper, enduring long rehearsals on Wednesday night and Sunday morning as we all adjusted to the learning curve.

We learned a lot from week 1 of the Spanish pilot, and have since adjusted rehearsal schedules, call times, off-stage production personnel, Host Team strategies – you name it.

Fortunately, due to our typical over-preparation and trying to solve every little problem before it happens, the needed tweaks and adjustments are minor. So that’s good news.

It’s great to be surrounded with other folks that agree that foresee and fix issues even before they happen.


East – Todd Fields

West English – Casey Darnell

West Spansih – Duane Nisley

– Salvation’s Chorus

– Mighty To Save

– How Great Is Our God

– How He Loves (English closer) **also be sure to check out THIS version!!!!!

– My Savior My God (Spanish closer)

We’re revisiting a few older, more familiar tunes over these 3 weeks to aid the Spanish service – doing a few songs that have already been translated (to cut down the translation workload) and that our Spanish Worship Leaders Duane and Seth are already comfortable with – again, to reduce the learning curve for them.


East BandTodd Fields, Ashley Appling, Pat Malone, Steve Thomason, Danny Grady, Chris Arias, Jen Carrozza.

Yep – a band so good so good, it’ll make you slap yo mamma…

West BandCasey Darnell, Duane Nisley, Scott Meeder, Richard Meeder, Bill DeLoach, Mike Hines, Jeremy Moyers, Rosie Iraheta

Yep – a rhythm section so good, it’ll make yo mamma slap you back…

POD X3 LIVE count: 5

All 4 electrics plus Todd’s acoustic.

IMG_0307.JPG IMG_0306.JPG

What challenged YOU this week?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: June 8, 2008

  1. POD X3 Live Count at my church…. 1

    After reading your recent reviews on the X3, and many others online I made the jump a few short weeks ago to the X3, now my lead guitarist is also planning to jump off his Genz Benz rig to an X3!!!

  2. “What challenged you this week” is a very relevant question given this has been one of the most challeging weeks of my life. But enough about me…

    I just wanted to ask, how do you link to iTunes like that? I already have that whole album and it awesome. I was just worshiping to “We Cry Out” and “How He Loves” this morning before reading this post. I made mention of it on my blog a few weeks ago but didn’t know how to point anyone right to the iTunes album, so I just left instructions to go find it.

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