Appalachian Typo

This has bugged me for years – ever since I moved to the South in 1994.

I think smokey should be spelled with an “e”.

Like monkey, donkey, Smokey Robinson, Smokey and the Bandit, Smokey the Bear, Smokey Bones BBQ and Grill, etc.

That’s why this drives me crazy:


The Great Smock-ee Mountains.

They might as well have put SMPLY BUDIFL too…


4 thoughts on “Appalachian Typo

  1. Holy freaking crap you have no idea how right you are! I live right in the heart of the “Smokies” in Waynesville, NC. That’s why every time I come to ATL, I kiss the ground and thank God I’m in a place where people speak the same language as me. Then on the way back, I always have a heart to heart with God asking “Why God, why?” about 45 times in the three hours it takes to get back. You should count yourself lucky that you live in a place where ignorance and mediocrity aren’t celebrated culturally! I too, will hopefully one day move to the beautiful area known as Hotlanta.

  2. So, Reid, I would like to know how you are feeling these days about ‘honour’, ‘colour’, ‘Saviour’, etc.?…or even cheque?

  3. I don’t want to get all technical on you…but it’s not an Appalachian typo. If you look up each spelling in the dictionary, the Applalachians got it right. SMOKEY is only to be used for law enforcement and forest fire-fighting bears. You wouldn’t spell things like this would you:


    Just havin’ fun with ya. And for what it’s worth…I’ve misspelled SMOKY many times.

  4. That hurts, Josh. Genuine, sincere, loving advice coming up, but I’m seriously shocked.

    I love ya and I love what ya church is doing, but you just stepped on a Cantonian in a way that is not a good testimony. If you despise the people you are ministering to, you need to find somewhere else. I’m sorry. People from Western North Carolina read blogs, too. CANTON IS YOUR MISSION FIELD!!!!

    I’m sorry, man. I pray for Pinnacle. I pray for Heath. I love your music. I hope you guys do well. I want to see the genuine Gospel spread rampantly. Now I find out that you don’t even want to be here. Dang. Dang. Dang.

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