Linking to iTunes

Dan asked how I was linking song titles (in my Sunday Summaries) to the files on the iTunes store.

(For an example, click this Marvelous Light title…)

It’s actually very easy. Simply find the desired song on the iTunes Store, and right-click. (On a Mac you can Ctrl-click). A little menu will pop up, and select “Copy iTunes Store URL“.

You can then paste that as your link, assuming you’re comfortable with creating links in your particular blog platform.

Here’ a Hyperlink 101 for you newbies out there.

I’m using iTunes for this example, although you can copy any Web Site address (URL). I’m also going to show you the steps using the WordPress Web-based editor, although the general concept is common to all blog systems’ Web editors and 3rd party external editors.

Personally, I use Ecto as my external editor – it’s a lot easier than the Web-based editor. But that’s just my preference.

Step 1 – Copy:

Copy the Web address (URL) for the desired file or Web page.

Picture 1.png

Step 2 – Text:

Write! Create! Vent! Whatever…

Picture 8.png

Step 3 – Highlight:

Highlight the text you want to have linked:

Picture 9.png

Step 4 – Hyperlink Button:

Find the “Hyperlink” button to select that option…

Picture 10.png

Close up – it usually looks like a chain:

Picture 12.png

Step 5 – Paste Link:

(+V) for Mac or (Ctrl+V) for PC are great Paste shortcuts!

Before Paste:

Picture 5.png

After Paste:

Picture 6.png

That’s it! You’re done! Now your text should automatically be a different color, indicating that it is now a hyperlink:

Picture 11.png


And links are not just for blogs! They can be used in emails, Word and Excel documents – all kinds of stuff!

OK Kids – link away!!!


One thought on “Linking to iTunes

  1. I’ve tried right-clicking in the top half of the store window but for some reason never thought to right-click on a song in the store, thanks for the info!

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