Verizon dogs iPhone??

So Apple announced the new iPhone coming July 11th, complete with 3G (faster) networking and true GPS capability – so that’s good.

And yes, the iPhone will sell for $199 for the 8 GB model (yep – half of what most of us spent for our 8 GB Edge network model).

And yes, for AT&T to accommodate the unlimited 3G data usage, the monthly data package for the new 3G iPhones will increase by $10 per month, going up to $30 versus the current $20.

That’s an additional $240 over your 2 year contract. (NOTE: That’s just on the new 3G iPhone – the older model doesn’t change)

But before you start complaining about the $10 per month price bump, consider this:

Another way to look at it is that you’re paying $440 over 2 years ($200 iPhone + $240 3G increase), and for a far superior phone and network experience, just barely shy of WiFi download speeds.

Compare that to the $400 most of us spent for our current generation model and what we pay for our current data plan, and that’s only an increase of $40 over 2 years. And, again, for a superior product and experience.

AND if you consider that the $30 per month data plan is comparable (if not lower) than most Smart Phone data plans (Blackberry, Treo, Windows Mobile, etc.), the data price argument becomes moot.

SOOOOO, it’s very interesting to see the spin on this following article – and pay special attention to who the sponsor is!!!

Coincidence? Hmmmmm….. You be the judge.

Picture 1.png



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