Sunday Summary – Music: June 08, 2008

Father’s Day…

Dudes – If you’ve got kids, you’ve GOT to get a copy of John Woodall’s sermon from this past week called “Fathering On Purpose”.

He outlines 3 key points to parenting: TEACH, MODEL, PRAY.

Oh wow, it was good.

We also had week 2 of our 3 week Spanish Service pilot series.

And, because lots of other stuff is going on in life today, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of this past Sunday…


East – Mike Gleason

West English – Eddie Kirkland

West Spanish – Duane Nisly

Salvation Is Here

Everlasting God

From The Inside Out (our own custom 4:30 edit)

Great, familiar tunes – and again, reaching back a bit as to assist with the translation burden for the Spanish service. Hillsong has already translated their songs into Spanish, so we have been taking advantage of that, and slowly doing some North Point – based songs along the way.

From The Inside Out is still kind of new (we’ve only done it about 5 times), but the crowd has picked it up really quick! Very surprising… That Joel Houston – he writes some guuud tunes…


The closer was certainly the high point of the day – at least musically. It was the perfect punctuation to John’s incredible message, and I’m really glad we did it:

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Yeah, it’s a little dated, and has a bit of that “Butterfly Kisses” vibe – but GOSH!!

As a father of a little girl, I was a mess. All Tuesday afternoon while transcribing and programming the strings and tracks, I kept breaking into sobs. It was embarrassing.

And I was replacing the lyrics with: “And I will dance with my little Ella“.

Emotional torture… Good thing no one was around…

And then when we finally saw the silhouette video on Sunday morning, we were all a wreck. Mike Gleason, who sang the tune, opted to not view the video at all, just to be able to keep his composure during the performance.

He still hasn’t seen the video…

But I can’t rave enough at how great Mike was doing this tune. Sure, 4 or 5 of our other guys could have sung it as well, but he’s the only one who could deliver the song with such a convincing parental authority. He actually has raised 5 kids to adulthood, and so the performance was not only musically excellent, but from a place of authenticity.

Bottom line: message delivered, and not a dry eye in the house.

At least that’s what it looked like through the strange water that mysteriously filled my eyes…

IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0329.JPG

Okie Dokie – I’ve got to go give Ella a giant hug…


East Band – Mike Gleason, Danny Howes, Brad Long, Scott Meeder, Earl South, Jared Hamilton, Rachel Gillis

West Band – Eddie Kirkland, Duane Nisly, Danny Grady, Jeremy Moyers, Ashley Appling, Brad Gage, Keith Thomas, Rebecca Iraheta

What touched YOU this week?

(P.S. – POD X3 Live count – 4)


4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: June 08, 2008

  1. We also did Cinderella for the morning..a very touching moment for sure. Did you guys re-make the Silhouette video. We saw the version on YouTube that was going behind Steven Curtis when he was playing it live, and would have loved to have had it. I am sure it added a ton!!

  2. What touched me this week, huh? Something so simple… I suppose as the Father of a little girl you would understand (I have two daughters under the age of two!). On Father’s Day my wife asked the girls why they love Daddy and she made a list for me. Here is the list they came up with:

    1) Because he is my Daddy
    2) Because he is not selfish
    3) Because he plays tennis (Wii tennis)

    Man, that is the good stuff right there. Nothing profound. But in their little minds this is what they came up with. I admit it, I thought it was very cool and I choked up a bit. You should check my blog in the next few days I am working on a post that elaborates a bit…

  3. we did “cinderella” as well, and i burst into tears pretty much every time throughout the week that i began to rehearse it or chart it (i have a 14 month old little girl that totaly has me wrapped around her finger), but somehow i made it through the sunday performances without crying. i think having those yrics going through my head all week helped make me a better dad last week though. helped me remember to not take any of my time with my little girl for granted…

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