Cleaning Up 5 Years – Before

So we’re getting kicked out of our cubes and offices…

Our Middle School program has exploded over the years, and there’s just not enough small group spaces for them on Sunday mornings.

So, in order to aid that need, the remaining main building offices are being renovated into small group rooms.

Basically that means that a few dozen people (including me!) are having to move out of our offices and work in some temporary spaces for the next few months. Then, by the end of summer, some of us will take residence in some newly created spaces, and others will move to our rented office space across the parking lot.

(NOTE: the majority of our staff is already in that facility. Only Children/Student ministries, some of the Resources staff and us in the Service Program Division still have offices in the main church building.)


Here’s a look at the “Before the Cleanout…”

(AKA – Where the magic happened…)

IMG_0340.JPG IMG_0342.JPG IMG_0341.JPG IMG_0339.JPG

Check back tomorrow for the “During”…


One thought on “Cleaning Up 5 Years – Before

  1. What kind of monitors do you have on your desk? I have been looking for something small like that, and affordable, but at the same time, not just the local blue light special. There are a few other people in my office building, and my office isn’t exactly soundproof. The iMac speakers aren’t good to mix on, but the Genelec monsters would be too much. The size you have look like they would be a good balance. Any thoughts?

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