Family Emergency

For the last few years, Sunday night dinner at Jennie’s mom and dad’s place has been a sacred tradition.

And, a few years ago, became even more special with the addition of what has become a family member.

Nope, not Ella or Cooper. Not Chris. Not Lauren.

I’m talking about the Big Green Egg.


This product is a miracle, and the Moreton family patriarch, Jerry, has become Master of the Egg.

The food that comes off the Big Green Egg is second to none. Better than anything in any restaurant – anywhere!

It’s made of thick ceramic, seals when closed, and functions simultaneously as a grill, smoker and oven, allowing one to cook the most succulent meats imaginable.

This thing is amazing.

Jerry even did last year’s Thanksgiving turkey in the Egg, and we all agreed it was the best turkey any of us had ever tasted. Moist, juicy, incredible.

From fine cuts of meat to the simplest chicken breast, the Egg rivals all…

But last Sunday, on – of all days – Father’s Day, something horrible happened…

IMG_0336.JPG IMG_0338.JPG IMG_0335.JPG

Yes – a member of the family, via a loose screw, was decapitated.

We were all in shock and awe, and felt horrible for Jerry, as the Egg is his passion.

Plus, Kelly’s birthday dinner is this upcoming Sunday, and she had requested Kabobs on the Egg – a request that looked impossible to grant.

But, after some research, Jerry has found out that the now defunct lid can be replaced.

So…. Please be in prayer for Jerry, Kelly, the rest of our family, and, of course, the Egg as Jerry attempts to purchase the replacement “head” to Humpty Dumpty tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Family Emergency

  1. Our prayers have been answered! The new part is sitting in the garage ready for assembly! Whew!!! Kelly’s birthday dinner has been saved!

  2. Ah yes, those picks bring back memories..the same thing happened to a friend of mine while we were
    cooking some incredible striped bass filets on it..but,.The BG egg is worth the money if you can afford it..

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