Sunday Summary – Music: June 22, 2008

In our evaluation meeting this morning, we had a rare consensus:

Everyone thought that, even in its simplicity, that it was a great service – top to bottom.

That’s rare, considering the 10 strong opinions around the table.

We found this kind of odd, since this was essentially a “filler” service. It was a one-off by Andy before he starts his “Letters To The Next President” series next week. There weren’t any special elements. In fact – we were running so short that we were given the (wonderfully exciting!!!) task of picking a great, engaging opener – just for the heck of it!

Actually, this is a great chance to talk about the role of the elements of the service. The first thing we want to happen is to ENGAGE the audience. To grab their attention and set them up for the rest of the service. Sometimes that’s a great song performed very well, or just an effective, engaging communicator to welcome folks, give 2 or 3 key announcements, and set them up for worship.

OK kids, today’s word is ENGAGE. Can you say that with me? ENGAGE.

I knew you could 🙂


Stop and Stare by OneRepublic

Since we were short on time and didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we chose a tune that Eddie (who was leading in East) had already done. It turned out that he’d done that tune last month at the ORANGE Conference – and with 4 of the 6 guys who were going to be on East! Sweet!

And Eddie and the boys did an amazing job. And I’m not just saying that. It was fantastic. Really proud of them on that one.


We chose to do worship a little different, starting out with a really familiar song that set up a worshipful attitude, then introduce a great new tune, and finish the set with a big song of celebration. So we did:

Holy Is The Lord

Hands of the Healer by Eddie Kirkland

– This is a great tune that the bands really dug and the crowds really seemed to latch on to. We edited the arrangement from the original to eliminate some of the instrumental parts in order to make it a little more corporate-worship-friendly. We’ll do it a few more times over the next month and continue the arrangement refinements, but it’ll definitely a new fave.

All Because Of Jesus by Fee


This was also the 3rd and final week of our Spanish Service pilot services. It actually was pretty good, as the team has refined some of the different rehearsal and service elements.

We also welcomed Seth Condrey who lead the Spanish worship for us. Seth’s great, and actually even won a Dove award for his Spanish-language album. Very Cool!

Well, thar she blows. Now, some pictures…

Eddie and the East band being fed to the West:




Julio Gonzalez doing the welcome for the Spanish service:



East Band – Eddie Kirkland, Steve Thomason, Scott Meeder, Danny Grady, Pat Malone, Mike Bielenberg, Karyn List

West Band – Todd Fields, Seth Condrey, Joe Lee, Earl South, Trammell Starks, Mike Hines, Daryl Lecroy, Jennifer Young.


What led YOU to worship this week?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: June 22, 2008

  1. Hey Reid,
    Thanks for the transparency. It’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one whose services go awry occasionally. Thanks for the posts they’ve been helpful.
    One question – maybe you’ve addressed it in a former entry – if so could you point me to it – if not could you give me an answer.
    Do y’all do anything spiritual formation wise with the band other than the part you talked about in your rehearsals? Do you have small groups within the arts ministry or do you encourage the players to get into other small groups?


  2. Gotta admit, I was pretty pumped when I heard the opening notes of Eddie’s “Hands of the Healer”. Thanks a bunch for bringing some of his originals into the mix over these past few weeks.

    You guys threw me for a sec, though, when at the end of the bridge I noticed I was the only guy in the building singing the falsetto on that very last “love”. I think I know why you didn’t go there, but I still missed not hearing it.

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