Music Dept. Roles…

Les, at one of our international partner churches, is doing some hiring, and asked about job descriptions for Music staff.

You might be interested in my answer… (Or not – I don’t know!)


I’m not aware of any of those descriptions off the top of my head, but I’ll look around…

We’ve actually taken the route of molding jobs (at least within music) to the strengths of our team members. It’s also based on folks outside schedules (3 of our team members are part-time).

Also remember that we have 2 stages (East and West) happening simultaneously. That’s 2 Worship Leaders and at least 10 musicians and at least 2 BGV’s each week. So over the course of a month we book 8 WL slots, about 40 band slots and around 8 BGV’s.

But here’s a brief overview:

Music Director – Eddie Kirkland:

Responsible for overall health and vision of Music Department, overseeing team members, booking Worship Leaders, overseeing song selection, Department budget, assist SPD in service planning, floating live Music Producer

Eddie is also one of our main Worship Leaders and leads 1 or 2 X per month as part of his job duties (meaning he’s not paid extra).

Associate Music Director – Reid Greven:

Responsible for booking all musicians, floating live Music Producer, music technology creation (loops, tracks, programming, etc.) and maintenance, oversee rhythm chart creation, instrument maintenance, liaison to SPD tech teams, assist in song planning, assist in SPD service planning, oversee North Point Music content creation, and all the other stuff…

I also book myself on stage 1 or 2 X per month as a job duty (meaning I’m not paid extra).

Music Assistant / Vocals Director – Karyn List (Part-Time):

Responsible for compiling lyrics and copyright, entering lyrics into Pro Presenter, booking and working with Background Vocalists and special vocals, floating live vocals Producer, rehearsal CD duplication, assist with song planning, benevolence and celebration items for musicians and singers (cards, gifts, etc.), assorted duties as needed…

Music Assistant – Jared Hamilton (Part-Time):

Assist with Rhythm chart creation and music technology, assorted departmental administration duties (check requests, etc.), assorted North Point Music creation and maintenance needs.

Head Worship Leader – Todd Fields (Part-Time):

This is a unique position created to take advantage of Todd’s natural strengths, and would probably not exist without Todd.

Lead Worship at least 2 X per month (as part of his job duties, meaning he’s not paid extra), assist in song selection, North Point Music guidance and steering committee, album project guidance and steering committee.

Todd also has a unique gift as a Pastor / Shepherd to our Worship Leaders, and spends significant time pouring into their lives.

Again, each of these roles have evolved over time to each person’s unique abilities and passions.

In staffing, we’ve seen success in a two step process:

1 – Identify your organization’s / department’s weakness and need.

2 – Identify the individual who, through their own existing day-to-day life, naturally fills that role.

Allowing people to do what comes naturally to them redefines the workplace experience. I tell people that even though my role is not the most glamorous, it’s what flows out me naturally.

Only then do I get to say that “this is not what I have to do, but what I get to do!”

Hope that helps!


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