Sunday Summary – Music: June 29, 2008

Man, what a fun weekend. Jennie and I love it when Michael and Ashley come and stay with us for a few days. Although I think Ella loves it the most! She can’t get enough of those two. We’re certainly gonna have a good time when we all get together with Mom and Dad next week on vacation in Florida. Can’t wait!

So this was a no-frills Sunday. No opener. No closer. No worries, man.

Instead, we got lots of extra time for worship, and we were able to take the crowds to some great, deep places of worship that we don’t often get a chance to do. There can be a lot of power in just an extra, freeing minute or two at the end of a set to say a few words about worship, and follow it up with a few tags of intimate, personal worship. I know that’s a bit of the old Charismatic in me poking through, but it sure beats being song-regurgitating robots…

We also had double Michaels, and both were great.

East – Michael Olson

West – Mike Gleason

BUT!!!!! The week was not without controversy!!!

We started Andy’s series “Letters to the Next President” this past Sunday, and had penciled in Chris Tomlin’s “God of This City” as a closer. However, Andy indicated that the song wasn’t related to where he was ending the message, Eddie and I opted to stick it into the worship set as the 3rd and final tune.

But, we honestly didn’t think it through. Taking it from a worshippy-performancey closer to a full blown worship tune – never having done the song here at all before – was not the right call.

On Tuesday, when I was really listening and learning the song, it felt weird to me for us to be doing it as a worship tune, especially in the 3rd slot. It was lacking that personal, vertical conversation between us as worshippers and our Savior. Normally that doesn’t bug me – we do lots of songs about God. It just felt awkward, especially since we had never done it before. (We like to put new “slow” songs in the #2 slot, so that folks can still worship with a familiar tune in the #3 slot.)

Then on Wednesday, Todd and I got to talking about it, and he had been feeling the same way. Then when Michael Olson arrived, and we got talking about it, he had the same issues. We called Eddie, who was away, and he shared that he’d been feeling the same things.

And so, on Wednesday, just a couple hours before everyone was slated to arrive for rehearsal, we called an audible.

It was a bit of a pain, and a few guys had to shelve what they had been learning and do some last minute woodshedding, but in the end it was very much worth it.

We replaced it with the Starfield tune “Son of God” which Todd covered on our Louder Than Creation CD. It seemed to be a tune that got lost in the sea of tunes that have come out of that project, but it’s a really great song – and a VERY powerful and personal “vertical” song of worship to our God.

Great, great tune. And a real chance to sing personally to our Savior, especially if you freely tag the Bridge and Chorus at the end…

So you can imagine how elated I was when our big boss Julie came up and told Todd, Michael and I that she was glad we switched tunes.

Sometimes you’ve just got to follow your gut.


God Is With Us by Michael Olson

Let Me Sing by Todd Fields

Son Of God by Starfield

It was fun doing these 3 together, since Todd, Michael and I all played on these songs on Louder Than Creation .

And now, everyone’s favorite feature: Candid Stage Shots (during the Welcome from the West Auditorium)…

Danny Grady


Michael Olson tuning…

(or staring at his shoes. I don’t know…)


Todd Fields on Rhythm electric/BGV, Wayne Viar on drums, Richard Meeder on bass, Andy on the screen…



East BandMichael Olson, Todd Fields, Danny Grady, Wayne Viar, Richard Meeder, Me

West BandMike Gleason, Danny Howes, Daryl Lecroy, Chris Arias, Guy Strauss, Earl South, Rachael Gillis


POD X3 Live count: 4


Did you personally worship YOUR God this week?

I did, and that makes a world of difference…


7 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: June 29, 2008

  1. It’s interesting to me that you said you had lots of extra time for worship, but the setlist was three songs. So did you extend one of them for personal worship? Or just lengthen the arrangements? Just curious…
    Also, I wanted to ask you something. Don’t you guys use a five-minute countdown for announcements and ministry highlights? If so, do you have any examples of that you can post?

  2. It sure is nice to see you using Starfield. Did you know those guys grew up in Winipeg? They did an in-store with us last month.

  3. My wife and I drove up from Saint Simons Community Church to catch your 12:45 service this weekend. It was good to see you on keys. I thought the set was short but very appropriate.

    By the way, my favorite part of the pre-service video was the ticker on the news report that said something about “if you’re paying attention, hold up your left hand.” We did, but only because we had missed it at the 11:00 Buckhead service. I was looking around seeing the hands pop up wondering what was going on. Silly me.

  4. Reid,

    Was wondering if you could give me some insight into the cymbal setup you guys use in the main auditoriums. I’m assuming they are the same as what I heard on “Louder than Creation.” We’re getting ready to purchase a new “standard” setup and I’d like to get those sounds. They work really well in the mix, especially the hats and ride. Thanks-d

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