Kings of Blackjack

So every once in a while Ben Crawshaw or Clay Scroggins over in Student Ministries ask me to do some music tracks for them. I do the music, they write a rap, and good times are had by all.

It’s usually a “sounds-like” or “inspired-by” type of project, and they’re a ton of fun to do, even if I end up doing it at Midnight with my gear spread out across my kitchen table…

So here’s a music video they made of one song recently for camp, featuring Ben and his buddy J-Mac. The theme of the camp was Vegas, hence the blackjack theme.

(Interesting… Maybe gambling with your future depending on the decisions you make? I don’t know, or ask. I just create the music, kids…)

Anyway, this track was inspired by a Flight of the Conchords track. Enjoy…

And put on some good headphones or turn up your subwoofer, ’cause here’s a link to the higher quality track, incase you’re interested. BUT NO STEALING!!!



2 thoughts on “Kings of Blackjack

  1. I’ve been singing, “We’re bringin’ sexy back…on second thought we’re not bringin’ sexy back. OH!” all day long. Huh-larious.

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