Seventh Heaven

It’s here. Finally.


I haven’t had a real break from work since Christmas, and even that was just a time to recover from, well, Christmas!

So Jennie, Ella and Cooper drove down to Seacrest Beach, FL today. We’re staying with Ashley and Michael and my Mom and Dad, and we’ve all pitched in to rent a house for the week.

We did this same trip last year, but only rented a condo. It was lovely and all, but we were all pretty tired of tripping over each other’s bodies by the end of the week. We’re already pretty pumped about going the extra mile for a house that will realistically fit all 8 of us.

So this is what I’m doing this week:

– Spending time with my kids, who at several points over this past spring forgot they even had a dad…

– Spending time with my sister and brother-in-law, playing countless hours of catch in the pool with those little squishy splash balls, telling stories about people we haven’t seen in years…

– And spending lots of time with my incredible parents, who drove all the way from Canada to Florida just to spend time with their kids and grandkids…

Oh, and also spending lots of time applying 30 SPF to my Irish skin… I swear, after a few days in the sun I look like a freckle factory.

And the name of the house we’re in is named, appropriately, Seventh Heaven…


Just a golf cart ride away from this:


Well, OK, more like this:


HA. Not really. I’ll post some pics throughout the week….


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