Opening Night at BigStuf

So the one thing I really wanted to do this trip to Florida was to go visit our pals over at BigStuf camps over in Panama City Beach.

Lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of our musicians and friends have been a part of BigStuf camps over the years. And I’ve been asked to play a bunch of times, but it has conflicted with my full time job at North Point.

My sister-in-law Leah Moreton works full time for BigStuf, and even my sister Ashley and brother-in-law Michael have been down to BigStuf as Mikey’s led worship.

And this year, I was asked to help create some music for the opening video sequence (so at least I’ve now participated, if only a little bit…). So I guess that was my reason, along seeing lots of friends, for wanting to see one of the camps’ Opening Sessions.

Well, last night was great. All our friends on stage did a terrific job, Lanny Donoho and Jon Williams were great, funny hosts, Clete‘s graphics were super cool, and Leah’s interns did a great job at, well, whatever the interns were doing…

FYI, there are about 15 or so different camps. They last 4 days, and one ends in the morning, and the next one starts that night. Camp after camp after camp…

The musicians and worship leaders rotate through. Some are there all summer, while some are there for a week here or there.

So last night the band and worship leaders were: Eddie Kirkland, James David Carter, Tim Gibson, Doug “Slug” Mitchell, Davis Harwell, Rachael Gillis and Ben Snyder

And they did great! Lots of fun, and lots of energy, which I’m sure is tough as the camp weeks become a blur. This was camp #8…

IMG_0403.JPG IMG_0402.JPG IMG_0404.JPG IMG_0406.JPG

Yep, that’s Lanny hosting “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” with a camper, right in front of where we were sitting…

Great job, everyone!


One thought on “Opening Night at BigStuf

  1. Y’all always have such incredible set designs. 15 camps, eh? That is pretty much insane. I’ve done camps before, but one at a time…and that alone is exhausting!

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