Recording Rehearsals

I’ve talked before about recording rehearsals, and giving CD’s of the rehearsal to band members and audio guys for evaluation, to lighting guys for programming, and assorted production personnel (like video directors, lyrics, etc.).

Well a question came in from Rommel about how we record rehearsal.

It’s actually really easy – at least in theory. We just send the stereo mix of the Front Of House mix to a CD recorder, kind of like this one:


I asked Dave Stagl , our Audio Director, and he said:

We’ve got a Tascam in one room and a Sony in the other–I don’t know the models, but they aren’t special. The East burner is connected digitally (where we have a digital FOH console). The West is analog (where we have an analog console). Both are fed from a Matrix on the console.

So that takes care of the recording. (Just don’t forget to mark each new song while recording, and to finalize when you’re done!)

You could also use some guerilla tactics and take the same stereo out of the FOH board (via a matrix) and plug it into an MBox for Pro Tools, or even to the 1/8″ input of your Mac and record it in GarageBand or Quick Time Pro, or even a program like Audio Hijack Pro. Then just import those tracks into iTunes and burn an audio CD.

So there are lots of options… It’s up to you as to what route you choose, but obviously the stand alone CD recorder is a great thing to save up for.

The next step is the CD duplicator. Again, something to save up for. I have heard stories of guys taking the FOH CD, importing it into iTunes, and then burning discs one at a time. Yeah it’s a lot slower, but it still does the job.


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