iPhone 2.0

So I upgraded my 1st generation iPhone to the new software version 2.0. (No, not the new physical iPhone – just the firmware) – a 250 MB download…

It took a full hour, top to bottom – download, installations and synch.

It’s pretty cool. The Apps store and push email makes it well worthwhile.

So whatever you hear this weekend about Apple being overloaded, crashes, and problems, it’s only because THAT MANY PEOPLE want their products.

There weren’t 2000 people lined up at the Samsung store for their Instinct phone like there were at the Manhattan 5th Avenue store for the new iPhone 3G – that’s for sure!


2 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0

  1. BUT, a well run company should be ready for people to want their product. Apple hasn’t been doing so well keeping up with their squeaky clean image over the past year or so. Oh well. All I know is my samsung has never froze or crashed on me… yet I know many people’s whose iphones have. I’d rather have my phone work 🙂

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