Blogroll Slacker

I’ve been slacking on keeping up with my Blogroll (yep – that group of names and links to your right…).

But first, a story…

So back in the 80’s, my dad – yes, the original Mr. Fun – was hosting a group of contest winners on a trip to Hawaii.

Ahhh, the perks of being a popular radio personality…

Anyhoo, I believe it was on that trip that they called themselves “Fun Seekers“.

And so, I shall also “borrow” this from my dad.

So, the Blogroll (to the right), shall become our own group of Fun Seekers.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you, too, are officially a Fun Seeker. And I’d like to add you to the Blogroll – err, I mean, list of Fun Seekers !!!

So please leave a comment with a link to your Web Site or Blog, and we’ll see if we can’t expand our community a little bit….


15 thoughts on “Blogroll Slacker

  1. That’s ironic. There was a talk show in Atlanta hosted on WSB-AM from as far back as i can remember called the Ludlow Porch Show. It went off the air (or off WSB-AM at least) sometime in the early 1990’s.

    He would always say “Hello Fun Seekers” when he started the show or after a break, etc. This was talk radio in the old-timey Southern sense, where they’d talk about apple pie recipies, gardening, etc., but a very popular show at the time.

    Now if you say your dad is Ludlow Porch i’m going to fall off my chair.

  2. Thanks for the title of “fun seeker” although ironicly enough I lead worship at a camp about a month ago and in a conversation about “youth group games” claimed to not be a “fun haver” So I guess it can work to be a seeker and not haver right?

  3. Yea man, this is easily one of my favorite blogs to read. I always get something new from whatever you write. I’m over at . . .

    In Motion –

    Thanks for the link love man, I need to hook you up as well. Keep doing what you’re doin brother.


  4. Hey, Reid! I love reading your blog, especially the ins and outs of how you guys do things at NP. Although we’re a much smaller congregation, we definitely strive to do things excellently like y’all do! Your advice is so valuable.

    I just started a blog, and I do seek fun from time to time, so I guess that qualifies me. If you want to link me up, here’s the info!

  5. If you’re not having fun then what are you doing? Reid, your blog is fun, excellent, and helpful. Thanks-d

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