Redneck Revisited

A few days ago I posted this picture:


Well, I didn’t actually know “the rest of the story…”

This isn’t one of those “viral” pictures that float around the internet. This picture was taken by my family.

It was the afternoon I stayed back with Cooper as he napped, and the rest of the family went to the beach.

My wife, Jennie, was the one who spotted this dude. My sister, Ashley, snapped the shot.

But what comes next is what makes it worth revisiting…

Moments after this picture was taken, that long cigarette fell out of his mouth and burned his chest. He awoke with a startle, only to spill his beer all over himself. And when the beer spilled, instinct prevailed and he jumped up – only to trip on his chair and land in the sand.

He then sauntered down to the water, cleaned himself off, walked back to his chair, and proceeded to make out with his lady for what could only be described as “an eternity”.

MAN! And I missed out on all of it! RATS!!

Oh well, maybe next time…

And in the meantime, here’s a great set of wedding photos that has made its way around the internet, and that my dad shared with me yesterday. Enjoy!

image001.jpg image005.jpg image003.jpg image002.jpg image008.jpg image006.jpg image004.jpg image007.jpg

Who knew that “Dueling Banjoes” could be used as a wedding processional?


7 thoughts on “Redneck Revisited

  1. Cosmo presents it’s latest “Side Show” themed wedding.

    That last pics looks like she’s got a hand full of ars, how on the other hand just has a whole lotta woman to love

  2. The first picture reminds me of a used car salesman convention. Man, I should have thought of that theme for my wedding!

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