68 Hours

Yes, it’s a miracle.

I did not open my computer for 68 hours.

I needed a break (hence a couple days without a blog entry) and needed to spend some time with my wife and family.

And it was wonderful. I challenge you to pick a 24 hour period in the near future and “disconnect” for a little bit. Very, very refreshing.

OK, to be honest, there were some specific reasons it was easier done than said:

– Jennie and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary, went to dinner and saw The Dark Knight

– I took Ella to gymnastics camp

– I finally ran all those errands that were building up

– I painted a wall in our kitchen

– Jennie and I watched “The Ruins” on pay-per-view (that’s $4.99 I’ll never get back….)

– Came to church and played music for the Family Ministries kick-off celebration on Saturday morning

– Finished painting the wall in the kitchen (that puppy took 5 coats – yes, count them – FIVE coats of paint!!!!!)

– Played with the kids (including Ella’s favorite new game, “The Bad Wolf and the Princess”, where she dresses up in a princess dress and I chase her around the house with a growly voice while wearing a dress-up headband. Exhausting.)

– Collapsed

Anyhoo, here’s a few cool things I saw along the way…

Gymnastics Camp (yep, we were early…)


Mini-Grocery Cart: This thing’s like a grocery sports car!!!


Speaking of sports car, check out this Shelby Cobra that was at the Kroger parking lot…

IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0433.JPG

Cooper wants to get on the ladder and paint, too.


The Angry Wolf:


I should have used the good camera to do this color justice – it looks a little washed out with the iPhone camera…

(And I’m sure that Jennie wants you to know that we will complete the room with a new window treatment and some more art on the right hand side)

IMG_0440.JPG IMG_0441.JPG

And I’ll get the Sunday Summary out soon, I promise.

As soon as the ibuprofen kicks in….


3 thoughts on “68 Hours

  1. hey man. i’m proud of you. we just did Choosing to Cheat sermon and it changed my life. Work versus Home? there’s no comparison: minister to the family first, the ministry can wait!


  2. Yep, that’s a cord.

    Needed something to go on that phone jack, and a cordless phone would have had a power cord hanging down to some remote outlet.

    Don’t worry – we hate that phone. 😉

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