Sunday Summary – Music: August 10, 2008

Hey everyone – before I get into today’s summary, I hope you take a few minutes (ok, lots!!) and check out my response to the “Set Bands” debate (click HERE). Ironically, today’s summary actually addresses one of the issues I address in that post.


So we’re all watching the Olympics religiously, right? I mean, we even had it on one of the TV’s today in the Green Room. Don’t worry – it was during the second service and Andy was on video. (We’ll sometimes drop the HD screen in the East and play back the first service to save Andy’s voice. The West doesn’t know the difference, and the East gets used to it in about 30 seconds, so there’s modern technology working well!)

I bring up the Olympics because it’s a great reminder of just how good something is: You can really only tell when they’re directly compared to something else.

That’s an advantage I have when I’m “floating”, meaning I’m not on stage, and travel back and forth between the East and West Auditoriums during the course of a Wednesday rehearsal and Sunday morning services, acting as a floating music producer.

We’ve talked before about the importance of Music Staff being off stage to evaluate and produce, so I won’t go into that here…

But it does allow a direct and immediate comparison between sides – to see what’s working, and to see what’s not. We can then take knowledge and share it with the opposite side.

For example, Eddie and I talked about freshening up “Blessed Be Your Name” this week. We heard a version by The Newsboys in which they had bumped the tempo a bit, while doing the 1st verse with a cool half-time feel.

The Newsboys version as a whole got a little weird, especially towards the end, and the tempo seemed harried, so we decided to do a bit of a hybrid of the Newboys’ intro, and our familiar version on the back half.

Or at least that’s what sounded good as we talked it out.

As the bands went to their separate stages Wednesday night, the West struggled for a bunch of the rehearsal really trying to gel, while the East seemed to ease right in. Yet, as they worked out the “Blessed..” arrangement, it was the East that ended up frustrated, while the West ended the evening with a great arrangement – so much so that we shared with the East guys that West recording as reference.

That’s not something we often do, but it’s so cool to be able to swap and share knowledge, virtually instantly. Knowledge that these players can chalk up as experience and take with them wherever their music career may take them.

I think that’s one of the reasons I’m such a fan of musicians playing around, not only at our different campuses, but wherever they can. That’s the experience and knowledge that they then bring here and share with us, our campuses and our community.

I know it sounds like I dogged the East, but dude – they were fantastic. One of the best worship experiences I’ve witnessed in a long time. A complete harmony of incredible musicianship and spiritual passion. Just great!


All Because of Jesus

Blessed Be Your Name

Lift High

IMG_0462.JPG IMG_0463.JPG

And yeah, I think that dude right in front of me was in handcuffs.

Ohh – maybe spiritual handcuffs…. 😉

– – – – –

East BandEddie Kirkland, Bill DeLoach, Danny Howes, Brad Long, Richard Meeder, Scott Meeder, Rosie Pinkerman

West BandChrystina Fincher, Jayce Fincher, Doug “Slug” Mitchell, Danny Grady, Mike Bielenberg, Daryl Lecroy, Ashley Appling

– – – – –

What knowledge have YOU learned and shared lately?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – Music: August 10, 2008

  1. Reid –

    Lee Coate here in Vegas @ The Crossing. Of the wall question, but can you give me some quick info on the stage design shown in the pics. It looks like a pretty simple “window” effect, but what material did you guys use to enable them to be translucent (big word, I know) Any info you got, that would be great. BTW – love the blog

  2. Lee – I asked the set-building folks…

    The fabric is Voile and the color is Oyster.

    Man, I just thought it was a bed sheet…..

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