Thanks A Lot, Theif…

I’ve had a horrible day.

Some jacka$$ came into the church last night via an unlocked door (that should have been locked) and stole the M-Audio keyboard and MBox 2 Pro audio interface that I use to do most of my Pro Tools audio creation and editing.

About $1,000.00 worth of gear.

We’ve got the joker on the surveillance cameras entering the building, taking the stuff, exiting the building, putting the stuff in his car, and driving off.

He was on the property for less than 6 minutes.

The big problem is that of the all the people that have seen this loser on camera, none of recognize who he is – yet he has no problem finding my stuff – which was quite out of the way under a table, and not easily found or recognized.

Nor could we get a license plate or make and model of the car.

BUT – if you know of some dude between 16-40 that drives a white car with a sunroof and 6-spoked wheels with tan interior trying to pawn some audio gear – let me know!!

And what REALLY hacks me off is that I had blocked off the whole day to do some much needed audio creation and editing for some different church projects – using that gear!!






10 thoughts on “Thanks A Lot, Theif…

  1. Sorry to hear you lost your gear! That’s really crazy that they knew exactly where to go and get your stuff, you know it HAD to be someone who knew of it.

    BTW, that M-Audio key is awesome! We use it at my church.

  2. We have had a few thefts here at The Rock over the last year due to doors left unlocked and a building key being dropped in the parking lot. Not fun, not fun at all. I hope you get your stuff back!

  3. Hi guy…our thief threw a bolder through the plate glass window on the only night that the motion alarm was not set. We lost CD players, several new flat screens, a photo-copier AND….the SAFE!!!

    So sorry for you.

  4. Yikes – that is crazy! I’m sure with the description you were able to get plus the fact that the guy knew where the stuff was, it won’t be long until he gets found out.

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