REALLY Stupid Deal!!

Every day I love to check the “Stupid Deal of the Day” at Musicians Friend. It’s a different deal each day. Sometimes it’s 30% off some fancy-schmancy instrument, sometimes it’s a bargain on cables, and some days it’s – well, who knows?

Some days it’s an offer that would save you thousands of dollars, and other days it’s a few bucks off a little gadget. Either way, it’s a site I check every day.

BUT!!!! There’s something very odd about today’s deal…

I’ve posted a screenshot before their Web Master has had a chance to correct it.

OK, Funseekers – can you spot what’s odd about this deal?

Picture 1.png


7 thoughts on “REALLY Stupid Deal!!

  1. I ordered one set for every member of my family. Too bad they corrected the add, I guess I didn’t get as good a deal as I thought.

  2. The price thing is funny, but I find it more comical that they say these are perfect for musicians OR percussionists. I guess I’m with Musicians Friends. Most percussionists I know aren’t exactly what I would call musicians. More like hippies who bought a conga at a commune somewhere. That was the funny part to me.

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