College Football – Go Blue, Go Dawgs

What are you doing reading this blog?

You should be getting ready for the first big weekend of College Football.

Now I’m sure many of you root for your Alma Mater, but I went to Belmont University, meaning the closest thing we had to a football team was a bunch of us uncoordinated musicians throwing around something that had “Nerf” on the side…

So who do I root for?


Georgia Bulldogs:

The big team around here, plus they’re actually a great team – going into this year ranked #1 in the nation. So Go DAWGS!!


Michigan Wolverines:

Yeah, I know this is a stretch, but here’s why…

Growing up in Southern Ontario, we watched a whole lot of TV out of Detroit. The Red Wings, Tigers and Wolverines were certainly a part of that coverage.

I remember vividly buying my first Michigan hat at a Walmart in metro Detroit while on tour selling merchandise with Michael W. Smith over 9 years ago.

And my fan-hood has certainly increased over the last few years as our current generation of cousins, spearheaded by my sister-in-law Kelly, have embraced our love for the Wolverines.

It’s partly because Jennie and her family spent 9 years in metro Detroit, but I secretly think it’s fueled by the fact that most of the previous generation are ALL from Ohio – and I don’t have to tell you what that Ohio State – Michigan means!

So it has now become tradition near the end of the fall. All the Atlanta locals from the Moreton / Harter clan join up to watch the big, final game of the year between the Blue of Michigan and the Red of Ohio State.

My father-in-law, Jerry, even makes touchdown brownies – to be eaten as each team scores. Unfortunately, however, more of the red ones have been eaten over the last few years, so let’s hope that changes soon!!

Go Blue!!

Speaking of which, my now 9-year-old Wolverines hat is looking pretty nasty. Perfect! Just in time for gameday!

So who do YOU root for, and why?

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4 thoughts on “College Football – Go Blue, Go Dawgs

  1. MIT. What, no football team? Really though, can you imagine a team of scrawny, lanky, 120 pound pocket-protector-wearing geeks on the field? They would be peeled off the grass with a shovel after the beating.

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