Definitions: Confusion and Disappointment





(Oh man, I’m gonna get some emails about that first picture….)


4 thoughts on “Definitions: Confusion and Disappointment

  1. I guess it just brings to surface the issue a lot of voters will be facing this time around — can you be a single-issue voter? Are there other moral issues (and even sanctity of life issues) besides abortion and stem cell research that must be weighed into your decision?

  2. I see it as this. George W. Bush didn’t abolish abortion in his 8 years. I don’t think any president can. He did, however, put us in a tough economic hole due to the overspending of the government and the war in Iraq. If you think that just because someone is pro-life, they can fix the abortion issue as president, you are mistaken.

    Vote the issues that matter. The issues that can be affected by the president and congress.

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