Oh Deer….

Poor Jennie – she had a rough morning!

She was on her way to teach her 6:00 AM fitness class when she hit a deer.

Fortunately, Bambi had been initially struck by someone else and even run over a couple times. But when it’s dark in Forsyth County, a deer lying across the road is not easily seen! And it was also in the left turn lane near a red light, so Jennie had already slowed down considerably.

Anyhoo, it pretty much demolished the protective airfoil underneath the car, and left some nasty remnants…

So have you ever seen deer hair on the BACK of a car? Check this out…

IMG_0523.JPG IMG_0524.JPG

Here’s the airfoil that was damaged and dragging on the ground… Yeah, THAT was fun to remove this morning!



What’s the craziest thing YOU’ve ever hit?

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11 thoughts on “Oh Deer….

  1. I once hit a German Shepherd (I think) on the 10 fwy at 70 mph. The car in front of me sent it spinning like a Frisbee, then it struck the right headlamp and caromed over the truck.

  2. I hit a bird. Actually, I think it was suicidal and intentionally hit my car. Anyways, it was stuck in my grill folded in half. I left it there for a couple days before I pulled it out. My wife was pretty messed up after that.
    I have also ran over a bunny rabbit. I stopped and turned around to see if it was ok. The rabbit was completely flat except for its cottontail sticking up. My mom teased me about it and started singing Peter Cottontail. I still get choked up when I think about that poor rabbit.

  3. A deer hit me once. True story. I was driving past a field and it ran out and t-boned the side of my car. Pretty crazy – one second earlier and it would have been through my windshield.

  4. i once hit a bird. it got lodged in between the radiator and the front bumper. i found out an hour later as i’m parking and my friend starts laughing as i’m getting out of my car. yeah, it was nasty pulling out a stiff bird from the car.

  5. Well, last summer, I lived at a camp in Colorado at the base of a mountain. One night, on my way back from a date with my now girlfriend, we were traveling down the dead straight, 7 mile road that leads along the mountain range back to camp. As i’m travelling 70 mph, which the speed limit was 65 btw, a deer stepped out of the tall grass and I freekin plowed the thing into oblivion. Another fun note about the event, is that it wasn’t my car. It was a friend’s car we borrow. She was real excited. Good times.

  6. I think a rabbit once tried to run me over, Luckily I had a bigger car… But seroiusly I haven’t seen anything like this before, Mind you we don’t have many deers in UK anyway, The biggest thing we get around here are Foxes whcih are way to clever to get hit by a car.

  7. I’ve hit two deer, a year apart. They seemed to own the road. Each bounced off the side of my car. Both incidents occured on a busy country road, so it wasn’t safe to stop. Anyway, what would I do? Try to administer CPR by the side of the road while it kicked my head in?

  8. I’ve hit 2 in Ballground, the 2nd one came from the left out nowhere from the un-mowed 3ft grass median. Hit that one at 65mph in my accord. It flipped into the air and landed on top of my sunroof (how lucky).
    Totaled my Honda just after I had a new engine installed.
    With liability insurance only, (1991 Honda) I had no recourse.
    So back into Debt I went…

  9. a skunk. I hit a skunk. There’s nothing like skunk ‘perfume’ being warmed by the bottom of your vehicle. horrible. our whole garage was unbearable for about a week. whadyado? wash it? dunk the whole car? yeah. ick.

  10. ahhh, i remember all too well the day i crawled under the jetta and cut off the airfoil with tin snippers…amoung other things i’ve randomly cut off that dang car.

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