Sunday Summary – Music: September 7, 2008

You know when you see these parked out front, that it’s going to be a good day…


But if you see this, run away!!!


Fortunately it was a real bike day 😉

Sunday morning was one of those really fun, enjoyable mornings. Jon Williams and Mike Tamborello did a KidStuf promotion, complete with parody of the immortal Bon Jovi classic “Living on a Prayer”.

You add some brilliant comedy with incredible musicianship, and you’ve got yourselves a winner.

The schtick was great, including a standing ovation in a couple services.


Now here’ what we didn’t expect (or had at least forgotten). When people laugh and engage with a live number right off the top of the service, it seems to set up worship to be way more participatory.

I think it’s kinda like comedy clubs having a 2 drink minimum – it loosens up the crowd!

(Yes, I know that was a horribly inappropriate analogy to a church service…)

Anyhoo, Todd and Mike were able to play off of that energy and set up worship as a participatory event, and from the first lyric of the first song, the crowd was totally into it!

It was also a strategic effort this week to really continue what we’ve been talking about with the Worship Leaders, in engaging the crowd, encouraging them to participate, and giving them subtle and continuing encouragement throughout the set.

We’ve also been focusing a lot lately on transitions between songs – really getting them as seamless as possible in order to eliminate any “dead air” – which, as we all know, is a prescription for “worship-flow-killer”…

In order to accomplish that, we’ve even adjusted the keys of songs by a half-step or two in order to stay in the same key, or a relative key (like the 4 or 5), or whatever eliminates capo changes, etc…

When the whole band is reminded of that and is conscious of it during the service, I think they’re all then on board with making it flow. Each guy this week added their own unique element at different times, like a guitar swell, keyboard pad, or even drum fill or cymbal swell…


You Are

Mighty To Save

Help Me To Find You

East Band: Todd Fields, Steve Thomason, Scott Meeder, Richard Meeder, John Carrozza, Rosie “Roxie” Pinkerman

West Band: Mike Gleason, Daryl Lecroy, Ben Snider, Joe Thibodeau, Earl South, Keith Thomas, Rachael Gillis

– – – – –

What made YOU laugh this week?


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