BIG Weekend Ahead!

Well Funseekers, we’ve got a HUGE family weekend ahead of us – my sister-in-law Leah is getting married to Chris.

And it’s gonna be a party!

EVERYONE is coming to town!

– The whole Harter clan from Cincinnatti, Atlanta and Memphis

– The whole Moreton clan from Cincinnatti

– The whole Case clan from Miami and New York

– Grevens from Canada (woo-hoo!)

– Olsons from Nashville

– And talk about friends! Both Leah and Chris are the epitome of the term “Social Butterflies”, so friends and classmates will be here from – well, Lord knows where…

There are family activities today with all the girls having a deal-e-o at the American Girl Boutique and Bistro, the boys are off to the World of Coca-Cola, and then rehearsal and a big ol’ rehearsal dinner.

Tomorrow, Aunt Jenny (my Jennie’s Aunt Jenny) is throwing a big fancy brunch for ALL the out-of-town guests (yes – ALL of them – both families!) that will certainly be a blast.

And then the wedding of the year will be tomorrow night, with what is sure to be a reception for the ages to follow…

OH – and then Michael and I will get up at dark-thirty in order to make it to North Point where I’m playing and he’s leading worship.

And then, sadly, on Sunday afternoon I will be playing for the funeral of a dearly loved fellow staff member, Mindy Parish, who died suddenly from a brain aneurysm on an anniversary Alaskan cruise with her husband, Doc. Very, very sad. She was 56 and absolutely full of joy. She will be greatly missed.

And so, with all of this ahead of us, it was bitterly ironic that Ella came down with some crazy 72 hour virus on Tuesday, Jennie caught it on Wednesday, and that same day, Leah – the bride-to-be – suffered what doctors have since described as a mini-stroke!! Read her blog for complete details…

Oh, and my mom’s luggage was lost on her flight last night. So we’re off to a roaring start!!!

But sick or not – you just try to stop Ella from dressing up and dancing around inside of Claire’s – nope, you can’t do it…

IMG_0533.JPG IMG_0535.JPG

What are YOU doing this weekend?


1 thought on “BIG Weekend Ahead!

  1. HEllo mr reed,where can we buy a cable that can connect from your keyboard to your mac book?thanks, your team will come here in our church, the light guys…

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