Night of Worship – Summary

I’m tired!

Or rather, pleasantly exhausted. Last night’s Night of Worship was great! And certainly one of those events that left you wanting more – almost always a good thing. And in this case it was.

We’d all rather hear folks saying “I’d love it if they did, like, 2 more songs!” instead of “Oh Lord! When will this be over?!?!”

We’d gained a bit of a reputation of ignoring the clock in the past on these special nights, which isn’t always respectful of folks’ time, especially on a weeknight. So our goal last night was 90 minutes.

Well, we started 2 minutes early at 7:28, cut 3 songs from our set list on the fly, and ended at 9:01. That’s 93 minutes. Brilliant!

The biggest “compliment” was the changed up mood, or “vibe” if you will…. No risers, scaled down drum set, lots of live percussion, mostly acoustic guitars with some patented Matt Adkins tastiness on his Gretch hollow body, and I just used a piano sound on one keyboard.

Kind of a “Coffee House on Steroids” feel…

So all that different instrumentation caused us to really have to get creative with the parts and how we played each tune – which was really cool! The forms of the songs were basically the same, but sonically they took on a whole new vibe. It was so great to be a part of a group of musicians that really understood what we were trying to accomplish and worked so seamlessly with each other to get there.

And big kudos to Dave Stagl and Chris Lawton at Front of House and Scott Long and Jonathan Hoover on monitors, and JJ Brummett for filling in all the gaps – thanks guys!

And more kudos to Randy Parker for the killer mood lighting and stage design – thanks for being flexible!

Worship Leaders:

Todd Fields

Eddie Kirkland

Steve Fee

Cori Moon

Electric Guitar – Matt Adkins

Bass – Pat Malone

Drums – Ashley Appling

Percussion: Elliott Moon

Piano – Me

Another rehearsal photo:



A few pics taken by Jennie from the audience:

IMG_0572.JPG IMG_0573.JPG IMG_0575.JPG

Picture 9.pngNight of Worship 08 – Set List.pdf

Night of Worship 08 – Set List.pdf


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