Car Keys? Overrated…

I’m sitting on my back patio.

I SHOULD be in my car on GA-400 heading to work.

But that’s tough to do when you walk out the door with all your stuff, lock the door knob from the inside, then realize your keys are sitting on the table INSIDE the now-locked house.

At least Jennie will be home from teaching her aerobic butt-kicking class in a little while. In the meantime, I’m discovering just how tranquil our backyard is in the morning.

Quite lovely.

Photo 88.jpg Photo 89.jpg

– – – – –

Yeah, I know you’re totally jealous of my neighbor’s sweet boat trailer. We’ve had the privilege of looking at that “lawn ornament” for 5 years.

(Anyone know a good fence company?)

– – – – –


5 thoughts on “Car Keys? Overrated…

  1. More than once I’ve experienced that feeling of locking my keys in the car and the house.

    I’ll ping back with a funny story

  2. I can relate. I went to Knoxville last weekend and locked my keys in the car at the zoo. It cost $50 and an hour of my life to pick the lock!!!

    But I’ve never gotten locked out of my house. Why, you ask? We have one of those fancy-schmancy locks with a keypad. An eight-digit code gets me in everytime! It’s the Kwickset Maximum Security Powerbolt 1000 from Lowe’s, and it’s been worth every penny!

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