Mouth Watering!!!!

Oh Baby!!!

I just saw this and my mouth is watering!

If you do anything with music creation, I know you’ll need to get a bib, or at least a paper towel to mop up the drool…

Click on the picture, music nerds! And be sure to view the “See it in Action” option in large-window option.


– – – – –

OK, what – in YOUR industry – has made you drool?

– – – – –


2 thoughts on “Mouth Watering!!!!

  1. Wow, dude. Thanks for the heads up! That looks really awesome. But you know what makes me drool?

    I just got Pro Tools 7 about two months ago. Looks like it’s already time to upgrade.

    I just got the Canon 5D last month. Literally as soon as it arrived, the Canon 5D Mark II was announced.

    Now, Adobe’s suites are up to CS4, and that’ll cost $1,500 to upgrade!

    How can I be so behind the times when I made my last purchases just ONE MONTH ago!!!?#?$#

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