Sunday Summary – Music: October 12, 2008

Ahhh, what a day.

These are the Sundays that make it just a little more fun than usual.

Jeff Henderson, the Campus Pastor (lead dude) for our Buckhead Church campus did a 2-part series last year called “Illusions”. It’s about how God wants the real you, not the facade you’ve created.

Anyhoo, we’re doing the same series and content here this past week, and concluding week. Too bad it’s just 2 weeks, ’cause Jeff is an amazing communicator and this is a great series!

The whole day was a musical extravaganza. Jeff only speaks about 30 minutes or so, and with no baptism this week, we were able to program lots more content.

It started out 6 minutes before the service with a traditional string quartet playing some Romantic-era classical music – kinda moody, certainly interesting. It was some stuff from a “Wedding Music for Quartets” type book, so it wasn’t too weird – but just weird enough 😉

It really set a cool mood in the room (that would soon be shattered!).

They then transitioned into an extended, custom written intro of a son called “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva.

And that’s when things get interesting 😉

Within a split second it goes from string quartet to what is probably the heaviest rock tune we’ve ever done. We’re talking borderline Metallica. And with one of the greatest light shows this place has ever seen. BIG props to Randy Parker for programming that one!

Big Snow and Moxie running around stage, Les Paul’s with more humbuckers than that stage has ever had, and an epileptic’s nightmare light show. So yeah, big opener.

Needless to say, that transitioned seamlessly into worship 😉 Actually, Snow did a great job of keeping the energy in the room and flowing it into the energy of worship, so that was cool.

And yeah, worship was fine (although a little deer-in-the-headlights after the opener).

God Is Alive

Hands of the Healer

But the highlight of the day was the wrap-up and closer: Jeff did an incredible job setting up a rarity around here – an alter call!

It was actually a great invitation for folks who are tired of pretending to people they are not, and for them to surrender their true selves to Christ.

We did Hillsong’s “Lead Me To The Cross”, which ended up being the perfect tune. Lyrically it was spot on, and we gave it a bit more of an acoustic/broken-down feel. Not so gargantuan, which was really appropriate for the moment.

And the unexpected happened as hundreds of people filled the altar and all down the aisles at each service. WOW!! We did not expect that! I though, maybe 20 or 30 max, which will still feel puny in our big auditoriums. But obviously once in a while God likes doing things different than our little minds give Him credit for…

Well, here are some pics:

IMG_0639.JPG IMG_0640.JPG IMG_0643.JPG IMG_0645.JPG IMG_0646.JPG



East Band – Michael Gleason, Steve Thomason, Brad Long, Scott Meeder, Earl South, Keith Thomas, Candi Pearson Shelton, Big Snow, Moxie Davis, Classy Chick String Quartet

West Band – Todd Fields, Danny Grady, Pat Malone, Ashley Appling, Ryan Stuart, Trammell Starks

– – – –

Which of your expectations did God blow away lately?

– – – – –


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