Obama on the phone?

obama and the phone.jpg

Caption please…


4 thoughts on “Obama on the phone?

  1. US Weekly- “Great! Now, just hold the phone up. and act like you’re saying something important” (Picture snaps)
    Obama- “This phone seems to be working incorrectly. With my policy, all phones would work correctly. Every american would have a phone where you can clearly hear the person on the other end.”
    US Weekly- “Senator Obama, the phone is…”
    Obama- (Interrupting) “Horrible. Absolutely horrible. You can’t even hear a dial tone”
    US Weekly- “Senator, the phone isn’t horrible, it just that you have it..
    Obama- (Interrupting) “In my hand? Yes I know that. Joe….? Joe……? Tell these people to get me a phone that works”

  2. Obama: “Hey Joe, can you come fix my phone? It’s not working good.”
    Joe: “Um… I’m a plumber, not a phone technician.”
    Obama: “Oh…well… I uh…” ::click::

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