Sunday Summary – Music: October 5, 2008

Sorry, Funseekers – in all my Catalyst craziness, I forgot to let you know about Sunday, October 5th…

So here you go…

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OK Boys and Girls – you want something different? Out of the ordinary? Certainly NOT what you’ve become accustomed to?

Well, we did it this week…

NO band, NO risers, NO elaborate set design, NO nothin’.

Except for one lone vocal and one lone acoustic guitar.

(OK, in the West there were two vocals, but you get the drift…)

Todd Fields led from acoustic in the East, and Eddie Kirkland and Chrystina Fincher led in West (with Eddie on acoustic).

This was kind of a gamble for us, a real step out of the box – can one voice and one acoustic guitar lead a room of nearly 3,000 people for a whole worship set, including a fast tune or two?

Well, kudos to the gang at our Browns Bridge campus. They opted to try this a while ago with Steve Fee, and it went over great. Eddie has since done it up there and the feedback was, again, great.

They discovered the two keys to really making it work:

#1 – To have the right leader who is both skilled at carrying the load, both musically AND the charisma to lead a group that size.

#2 – To pick songs that the crowd already knows well and will sing loud on. THAT may be the more important of the two. That way, it’s a 3,000 person sing-along, not a one man concert!

And so, I think everyone chalked it up to a very cool, unique experience. Not one you would want to do more than 3 or 4 times year, mind you – but a cool and effective worship experience nonetheless.

We also switched up worship a bit to reflect the message. As part of his message, Clay Scroggins really set up worship and led into the tunes we did at the end of the service.


All Because of Jesus

WORSHIP #2 – Post Message:

Glorious One

How Great Thou Art

How Great Is Our God (tag)

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What have YOU done “out-of-the-box” lately?

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One thought on “Sunday Summary – Music: October 5, 2008

  1. In September we did a series called “Vertically Challenged” (a series on worship). The third Sunday of the month was our annual “Praise Celebration” where we take over the entire service. We rent lots of extra lights and fun stuff, it’s an incredible day of worship…however that’s not the “out of the box” thing we did.

    The second Sunday of the month (the Sunday prior to our Praise Celebration) we completely cleared the stage of all instruments. The only thing on the stage was our Lead Pastor’s table and chair. Remember we’re doing a series on worship, and this Sunday, we chose NOT to SING or PLAY a single note. We wanted people to focus on learning that worship is more than just singing songs to God.

    It was an awkward day, but it was a “good” awkward…and the bonus for us was the following Sunday for Praise Celebration, people were really ready to sing and respond in our worship service!!

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