Presidential “Match-O-Matic”

OK, this is cool!

Forget who you’ve voted for in the past. Forget your political party of choice. Forget who you like and who you don’t.

Forget the candidates, the spin, the ads, the media, the headlines.

Forget everything you’ve babbled about with your political gossip posse.

Forget it all – except for what YOUR gut opinions are.

You’re about to take a blind political “taste test”…

ABC news has the “Match-O-Matic” in which you input YOUR opinions in a short list of multiple answer questions, and it will tell you which of the original 17 Presidential candidates you match up with.

Picture 2.png

WARNING: If you put in your true, gut opinions – and not those the media (liberal or conservative) have fed you – you just might be surprised…

I’ve already taken the quiz and been matched up with one of the 17 – but I’m not going to tell you who just yet (I will in a couple days).

Instead, I want YOU to take the quiz and post your results in the comments for this post.

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4 thoughts on “Presidential “Match-O-Matic”

  1. My top 3 were Romney, Brownback, and Huckabee in that order. Ironically, I’d be surprised if any of them would have earned my vote. Really cool site. Thanks for showing!

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