Microphones and Drums F.A.Q.

OK, lots of you have asked some great questions regarding some nuts-and-bolts Music/Audio stuff, so let me take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions, including:

#1 – Drums / Drums Heads

#2 – Vocal / Drum Mics

#1 – What kind of drums / drumheads do you use?

In each auditorium we have a Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute kit. The guys like them a lot, and they prove over and over to be very versatile drums, which is essential considering the different drummers we use and the wide range of music we do with worship and specials.

Check out legendary award winning drummer Peter Erskine’s analysis of these drums here.



For heads, we use:

Tom 1 – Evans Genera g2

Tom 2 – Remo Emperor

(Both have Remo Ambassadors as the bottoms)

Snare – Remo Coated Controlled Sound

Kick Inner – Aquarian Super Kick 1

Kick Outer – standard Yamaha label head, made by Remo


Here’s a pic of a snare – note the Moongel to get rid of unwanted “ring” or overtones…

By the way – all our drummers bring their own snare. Not because we make them, but because they choose to. A snare is a very personal thing, the same way a guitarist owns and uses their own guitar…

#2 – What kind of vocal / drum mics do you use?

Dave Stagl and Luke Roetman, our audio guys, have answered some FAQ regarding audio stuff, including mics, in the Audio section of the NPCC Production Web Site. Enjoy!

(But here’s a look at the mic list anyway…)


Shure Beta 91 (Kick)

Sennheiser e902 (Kick)

Shure SM57 (Snare, Electric Guitars)

Shure KSM 32 (Overheads)

Shure KSM 44 (Toms)

Sennheiser 609 (Electric Guitars)

AKG C414 (Piano)

Audix ADX51 (Hi Hat)

Countryman E6 (Speech)

Shure Beta 58 (Vocals)

Neumann KMS 105 (Vocals)

Shure KSM9 (Vocals)

Shure Beta 87A (Vocals)

Audix M1290 (Baptism Overhead Backup)

Shure Beta 98 (Horns)

String Vision Pickups (Strings)

Shure SM81 (Strings)

– – – – –

OK, there you go! Hope that helps…


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