Snow? Snow! Yikes!

My poor, poor parents sent these pictures of their house from this past Wednesday morning.

Yeah, as in October 29th….

IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0676.jpg

No, that is not nuclear fallout or volcanic ash. That, my Southern friends, is snow.

Real, bona fide, Canadian snow. Before Halloween.

(And people ask me why I live in Atlanta and suffer through the summers… Well, consider this Exhibit A…)


– – – – –


3 thoughts on “Snow? Snow! Yikes!

  1. Yeah. That snow Wednesday was just weird. Then the black ice yesterday was a joy. But the real treat is the current 16°C (that’s 61°F to all you southerners) and the fact that they are mowing the lawn outside my office window. A mere two days later.

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