Sunday Summary – Music: November 2, 2008

OK, I can’t be too honest about this past week because I wasn’t there.

Jennie and I took the kids up to Nashville to visit my sister Ashley and brother-in-law Michael, plus my parents came down on their annual “Southern Swing” to visit their kiddos… LOTS of fun!

And we even skipped church altogether on Sunday morning. (Shh – don’t tell…)

BUT, meanwhile, back at the ranch, reports were good for what we did on Sunday.

Andy’s “Why Worry” series started here this week. He’s actually doing the messages live at Browns Bridge and taping them for the other two campuses.

We opened with John Legend‘s arrangement of Stevie Wonder‘s tune “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” . The melody and tempo is a lot like Stevie’s original version, but the instrumentation and BGVs are pretty unique. Legend’s version is just piano, percussion and vocals – which we did – but we also added an upright bass.

The reaction was really positive – a nice departure from our usual rock and roll stuff.

Jamie Portee sang AND played piano, Steve Florzcykowski on upright bass, Monique Anderson, Ryan Stuart and Eddie Kirkland on BGVs, a handful of our drummers and players as percussionists, and a pretty thick percussion track. Legend’s version has a dad-gum percussion orchestra – something we were not going to adequately replicate live, so we needed some help.

For the percussion tracks, I used Pro Tools as the host DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and used a combination of Stylus RMX, Reason 4 and Digidesign A.I.R.’s Xpand! as plugins / sound sources.

After that was worship, and Kristian Stanfill and Eddie Kirkland did a great job of capturing the engaging energy of the opener into worship.


Everlasting God (bumped up the tempo a few bpm’s and started with full band rockin’ Chorus chord progression. That helped increase the energy of this tune – one that is normally reserved for a “second, slower song” spot…)

Glory To God

Lift High

East Band (Worship) – Kristian Stanfill, Danny Howes, Jeremy Moyers, Ashley Appling, Brad Gage, Chris Arias, Dee Dee Maillian

West Band – Eddie Kirkland, Mike Hines, Ben Snider, Scott Meeder, Earl South, Mike Bielenberg, Ryan Stuart

So there you go. Sorry, no photos this week (unless you want pictures of us at Michael and Ashley’s house cheering on the Tennessee Titans – 8-0 baby!!!)


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