Microphone Stand Holder

I’m always impressed at creative ingenuity. Especially when someone is able to solve a problem or refine a system with some creative thought.

One such system refinement came as Luke Roetman, one of our Audio guys (and the hardest working man in patch bays…) saw a clever – and CHEAP – way to store our microphone stands backstage more efficiently, based on an earlier design by our Buckhead Church audio guru Dustin Whitt.

Obviously real estate backstage is a hot commodity in both of our Auditoriums, and having a bunch of mic stands taking up that space was a real pain.

Ultimate Stands addresses that issue with this stackable mic stand, but that still has its issues, especially when you add assorted boom attachments and various mic clips.

But our guys went one step farther, and for about the cost of one of those stands, created this custom mic stand holder:

IMG_3569.JPG IMG_0694.JPG

It stores the vertically, taking advantage of unused wall space.

Start by mounting two 2″ x 4″ boards on each side (4 total). Two are needed on each side in order to obtain enough depth (to keep the stand base away from the wall).

You’ll probably want to paint the boards an appropriate color…

Then install large vinyl covered screw-in hooks, usually available at your neighborhood home improvement warehouse (remember to PRE-DRILL!!!).

Ours are 8″ apart, but I’d probably recommend a little more space, maybe 10″.

There you go. Cheap, easy, effective.

– – – – –

What ingenuity have YOU witnessed lately?


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