Sunday Summary – Music: November 9, 2008

If you’ve read lots of my Sunday Summaries, chances are you get a little nauseous with weeks being good or great or awesome, etc. Especially when hardly anything is bad or we wouldn’t do again

Well, let me share why…

Working with so many people, with so many opinions, can be a blessing and a curse.

The curse is that so many people need to give their blessing to an element of any given Sunday service.

The blessing is that so many people need to give their blessing to an element of any given Sunday service.

No, you do not need new glasses – both of those statements are identical.

Sometimes stuff around here takes a long time to get wings, but the upside is that the cream of ideas rise to the top, and the not-as-good ideas lose momentum and fade away.

Brad Bretz had a great line once (that he probably stole šŸ˜‰ ) – and mentioned his desire to follow the things that attract the most energy. Those are the ideas and philosophies that get people excited. Those turn out to be the “get to do” ideas – not the “have to do” tasks. There’s a BIG difference!

It’s the difference between a group of people pouring themselves into a project (or song in our case) versus doing it half-hearted, staring at the clock.

In planning, both in our department (Music) and our division (Service Programming), the ideas that come to fruition are the ones that the different groups latch on to as a whole – not items that are the personal taste, preference or agenda of one person.

Obviously some folks have more clout that others, and some people are more discriminating that others, but in the end, the final product of Sunday mornings are usually the idea (special songs, worship tunes, sets, graphics, videos, sermon topics, service flow, etc.) that have the most energy around them. Stuff people get excited about, and are willing to put in the extra effort in order to do with excellence.

And so, by the time a Sunday morning rolls around, an infinite number of decisions have been made by dozens of people. People with ability, focus, discernment and passion for a distinct vision.

And that’s why things are usually pretty good around here on a Sunday morning.

So here’s my advice to those of you in a smaller church setting – those of you who feel like the programming entirety of a Sunday service rests solely on your shoulders:

Ask of help. Ask for opinions. Ask, ask, ask…

Ask insiders. Ask outsiders. Ask older folks. Ask newlyweds. Ask women. Ask men. Ask kids. Ask teenagers. Ask different races. Ask mature Christians. Ask new Christians. Ask non-Christians.

Ask lots of people. Gather information. Analyze it.

And continue to rely on those whose track records you trust. They don’t have to be on staff or even part of your creative process. Ask trusted band members about song sets – they’ll gladly give opinions!

And that goes for all aspects of your church – ask someone in your church who makes their living in advertising or public relations to review your bulletins. Ask a hip graphic designer to review your fonts and signs. Ask a savvy college student to offer opinions on your videos. You get the picture…

Remember – just because YOU are responsible for the final decisions, doesn’t mean that you have to come up with all the IDEAS. There is a difference between CREATION and IMPLEMENTATION.

And please don’t let jealousy cloud your judgement.

– – – – –

OK, so that being said, we did have a great morning yesterday…

We’re still in Andy’s “Why Worry” series, and opened with a song called “Come to Jesus” that was synchronized with a cool, creative music video (hint: let the video download first before viewing). Browns Bridge did the song last week with Cori Moon, complete with her in the video, so we were able to piggyback off of their work. Big thanks to Ryan Shove!

Jen Carrozza sang it live in East, and Cori Moon did it in West.

After that rather somber (yet moving) tune, we moved straight into worship, doing – appropriately – “Blessed Be Your Name” and a new tune by Mike Gleason called “Wonderful The Love”.

After that, we moved into some pretty powerful baptisms.

So yeah, it was a good week. It wasn’t too heavy, but it certainly was more than usual. Our goal, if anything, was to create a realm of hope that we have when we put our faith in Christ.

– – – – –

East Band – Todd Fields, Jen Carrozza, Alex Nifong, Wayne Viar, Earl South, Bill DeLoach

West Band – Seth Condrey, Cori Moon, Steve Thomason, Daryl Lecroy, Pat Malone, Ashley Appling, Me.

– – – – –

What have YOU done that lately that was surrounded by “energy of the group”?


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