Happy News, Sad News

Yesterday was significant in our lives.

Jennie and I celebrated with Cooper as he took his first, real steps.

However, just as his little life is blossoming, a life in his lineage came to an end.

We found out last night that Jennie’s grandfather, Charles “Papa” Moreton, passed away in the early evening.

He was in hospice after a lifelong battle of major acid reflux, including a bout with Esophageal Cancer, that left his digestive system unable to process nourishment. We had been expecting him to pass at some point this week or next.

We’ll miss him so much – he was a great Papa….


Ironic, isn’t it, that one, young twig of this family tree found a new blossom in the possibility and potential of the bright new morning sun, while a mature branch ran it’s course of life and slowly and quietly ended with the setting of that same sun.

– – – – –

We’ll be heading to Cincinnati tomorrow for the funeral and visiting with family, so things will be quiet here for a few days…


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