Alright Fun Seekers, I assume you will have some free time over the next few days, so do yourself a favor:

Preparation: Determine a 10-15 minute block of appropriate “downtime”…

Step #1: Gather a handful of your family / friends with the best sense of humor around your computer…

Step #2: go to this Web site:

Step #3: Click on everything. Multiple times.

Step #4: Use tissues or shirt sleeves to wipe away tears of laughter.

Step #5: Repeat with different friend / family as necessary.

Picture 1.png

HINT: Once on the site, click once on each of these people, left to right. Then repeat (they’ve got multiple questions and sayings..)



2 thoughts on “NOLAF

  1. I am the angry guy in the rug. Thank you so very much for the nice words. It is such a shame that they didn’t promote this on tv. it still made a big impact but it was such a rare mix of freedom , budget and a bunch of really talented people. Keep spreading the word. And thanks. By the way I am now writing on the cbs show “Gary unmarried” it’s funny and you’ll like it i think. check it out please and have a great holiday!
    Scott “combover” Parkin

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