Small Churches – This One’s For You…

We recently started doing a Spanish Service at 12:45 (our 3rd service time).

It’s called “North Point En Espanol”, and the Service Programming Director is actually my sister-in-law, Kelly Moreton . She’s also going to be doing a Sunday recap for the NP en Espanol on her blog. Check out the first one HERE.

Here’s why I think it’s going to be a great resource for smaller churches… The Spanish service is currently running just over 100 people (it’s still new!) and is being held in our KidStuf Theater, which seats a few hundred – so the stage and room size is appropriate for the current size of the service.

And after seeing what direction they’ve opted to take the music and musicians, I couldn’t help but think how it resembles countless small church stages and bands.

But here’s the silver lining for a small church: what the Spanish Service was able to do (and will continue to, I’m sure) with the band set up and small stage was incredible! There weren’t any fancy sets or lights, no giant drum kit, and no cameras or fancy media.

Just a small group of very skilled musicians, playing to their full potential, according to what was appropriate for the songs and the service. The music and worship didn’t feel empty or lacking in any way – primarily based on wise song selection and excellent execution by skilled players.

Musically speaking, the difference was that Todd Fields on guitar and Richard Meeder on bass were really able to fill in the gaps – often playing a little or a lot more than they would in a larger band, but still very tasteful and, again, appropriate. Wayne Viar did a great job on a scaled down kit using blasticks – they cut the volume, but still allow groove and intensity. And Juan Martinez and Rebecca Iraheta sang and lead with authority.

Here are a few pics from rehearsal…

IMG_0720.JPG IMG_0721.JPG


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