The Ballad of Mr. Fun – 1st Birthday!

Hey Funseekers!

So check this out….

The Ballad of Mr. Fun just had it’s 1st Birthday!!!

Yep – 1 year ago this week I started this blog, and LOTS of you have come to visit! Just how many?

Well, the ol’ Stat-O-Matic on the side there says over 65,500 hits!!

So YOU are part of a big family of Funseekers!!

So what are people viewing? Well, here a list of the top 10 most viewed posts over the last year…

Flava Flav’s Mom at Gap
Great Gift for the Music Lover
3rd Most Popular FAQ – Amplifier Isolation
Touring Worship Leader problem…
Olan Mills Awesomeness – Round 6
Keyboard Korner – Stage Rigs
Pay to worship?
Amplifier Isolation Box – Pictures
BIG news for Guitarists…
Sunday Summary – Music: December 21, 2008

And here are a few other ones that I think you might be interested in, depending on your current state of mind…

2nd Most Poular FAQ – Rehearsal Schedule

Set Bands: Good or Bad?

Music Creation and Stylus RMX

Music Q & A – Finding Worship Leader

How Much Do You Pay Your Musicians?

Theology Quiz

Music Dept. Roles…


Alrighty kids – have fun!!


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