I Finally Got A Guitar!

So now Jennie doesn’t have to listen to me whine…

I’m one of those people who actually over researches. I mean past the point where I know a good deal, all the way to a place where I’m paranoid I’m going to get ripped off, or that an even better deal is right around the corner.

Sometimes I’m just afraid to pull the trigger.

Last night was one of those nights….

I had seen a guitar on eBay and Craigslist (the same guitar, both sites), and instantly loved it. It was a little above my price range, but well below where similar guitars were priced.

I knew it was a good deal, but was just too chicken.

Alas, the eBay auction ended, and I instantly regretted it. I showed the guitar photos to some of my trusted guitar buddies last night at rehearsal, and they were really impressed at the instrument.

And so I don’t know what made me do it, but last night, after I got home, I emailed the seller via Craigslist, just to see if it happened to still be available…

He called back this morning. And said it was.

I told him it was too bad, and in our conversation realized that his work and apartment were about 2 miles from North Point, and that he attended here on a semi-regular basis!! How cool is that! He’s a hobbyist with an arsenal of nice gear, and was just getting rid of some stuff that was taking up space. The guitar had never been on a gig, or even out of the house.

I told him that if he was interested, I’d give him the same amount, in cash, today! (Yeah, I’m that guy… πŸ™‚

He told me he’d call me back….

Long story short, I’m the proud new owner of a G&L ASAT Special (American made) in virtually flawless condition….

200901081617.jpg 200901081619.jpg 200901081621.jpg

And Todd has already requested to use it on his new album…

Leter, the guy asked if it would be used for a worship service. I told him “only if I ever get good enough…” πŸ˜‰


11 thoughts on “I Finally Got A Guitar!

  1. Sweet man, those G&L’s are nice. A buddy of mine got one of the higher end ones back from when Leo was still making them and he loves it. Great tone and playability. Stoked for you buddy, enjoy it. Now you just gotta get a POD . . .

  2. I looooove my G&L guitar! And mine isn’t even the expensive American-made, but the Mexican made Tribute ASAT. Mine’s also a semi-hollow and has the vintage 3 color sunburst and a pearl pickguard. Those pickups on the G&L’s don’t make for good thrashin’ distortion sounds, but the clean and just slightly overdriven sounds on them are absolutely beautiful! I’ll never get rid of mine…best $600 bucks I’ve ever spent!

  3. Yeah, like dudeman said above, now you gotta shell out a few more bucks for a POD, even if just the Pocket POD. Guitar’s no fun without effects and amp simulation!

  4. Yeah, I’ve been rockin’ the Pocket POD. The Vyzex software editor makes it really fun.

    As of this morning, I have no feeling left in my left fingers. Can’t wait for those calluses to come back…

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